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Friday, January 29, 2010

Hollywood & The Remember Me Trailer -- Sound Off!

The Remember Me trailer was released in November last year and went on to rack up a huge amount of viewings all over the Internet during the past few months.

Take that, big budget films!

From occasional stops on the front page of IMDB to the front of Apple's ITunes trailer site, for a small film, Remember Me's trailer seems to have made a big impression. In fact, people are still talking about it all over the web -- from regular movie fans that were happy to see Chris Cooper in a film hitting theaters soon, to fans of Emile de Ravin from Lost, to Robert Pattinson fans that can't wait to see him in something where sparkling is not a requirement.

On Trailer Park and the official Remember Me YouTube accounts alone, the trailer has been watched over 2.4 million times! That doesn't even include every other YouTube version or any other version out there. Let's just say the Remember Me trailer has been quite popular.

Movie trailers on the whole, of course, are big business. Of some 10-billion videos watched online annually, they rank #3 only after news and user-created videos. Many movie buffs and even Hollywood executives think trailers are just as important as the actual movie itself. Trailers (good ones anyway) lure an audience in. With slick editing and just enough star power and storyline, each trailer is an expensive mini-film made to get you into the theater with popcorn and coke in hand when the film opens.

But how can a trailer find and grab an audience by the collar in 2:30? How is a trailer supposed to make you feel? What is the music in a trailer intended to invoke? And how many times have we seen trailers that give the entire plot of a film away without even looking back?

The first trailer shown in a U.S. movie theater was in November 1913, 96 years before we first saw the Remember Me trailer last November. How things have changed over those years... Trailers used to be shown at the end of a film, hence the name "trailer." Of course that practice didn't last long; executives figured out pretty quickly that not everyone (even die hard movie fans) stick around for, or even past, the end credits. Sorry grip guys!

Trailers today are a different breed; bigger, louder, more expensive, an event instead of an afterthought. A trailer is often the very thing that makes your decision to see a movie or not. As written in "A Brief History of the Trailer" on, "Trailers serve as the liaison between an upcoming film and its audience. Whether crude, hand-lettered slides or sophisticated, half-million dollar montages, trailers continue to tantalize audiences with the idea that in Hollywood, there's always something more to look forward to after the movie they paid to see."
But for all the cost and marketing and pimping of trailers, it doesn't mean those little mini-films will get you to spend $10 on an actual ticket to the movie. Big production values and big names in high concept trailers don't necessarily trump content that engages you and makes you feel something; content that makes you want to get into your car or on the train, trudge the distance to a theater and sink comfortably into a seat as the lights go down to watch the story and emotion that the trailer could only hint at.

So as we draw closer to the March 12 opening of Remember Me, we'd like for you to share with us your thoughts on the trailer. What did you think when you first watched it? What was your first reaction? What did the trailer get right or wrong for you? Why do you believe men have said such positive things about the trailer? Why do you think so many people are still discussing the Remember Me trailer 3 months since its release?

Let us know what you think and please, no spoilers!

Here are few comments from all over the Internet to get you started thinking:

"My first through fourth reactions upon seeing the RM trailer were: *press REPLAY*"
“SUPERB!!!!!! Nice trailer. Brosnan and Cooper are two of my favorites. I have never seen Twilight so I guess I should be safe on some accord. Neatly cut trailer, seems to have a good vibe."
"He is actually a good actor, I'm impressed. I've never seen Twilight but heard much about it. This proves me otherwise. I'll look into it. And at this point, I have more respect for him. If you don't see it, you're no blinder than the fan girls that scream Twilight is the best movie ever made."

"WOW.....amazing. I've read the script to Remember Me and it's amazing -- it's funny, sad, happy, confusing, dysfunctional, hilarious, heartbreaking and everything in between!"

"I love the trailer. I know the movie will be wonderful. Can't wait to see."

"a) It's too bad this didn't come out pre-Twilight because now all of the "Rpatz" fans are going to be lining up for it and ruin it for the rest of us.
b) I am a sucker for movies like this and will definitely see it.
c) Have loved Emilie De Ravin since I saw her in Brick.
Decent trailer and with this cast, it could be amazing!"

"I love Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan; they are both AMAZING actors so I am sure this will be a great movie. Plus, it will be nice to see Robert Pattinson in a more dynamic and in-depth role vs. the teenage heartthrob he is playing now."

"Yay Chris Cooper! I don't care if Sparkles doesn't sparkle. Mr. Cooper ALWAYS sparkles."
"I love this! Not just because of Pattinson. It looks really heartwarming. It's a feel good movie with a message. Sometimes these are the best movies."

"I've read the script and it’s awesome. And I've seen his previous films...he has talent. Sure, he has a lot more to learn, but I think he has potential."

"Can’t wait for this movie to come out. I think Twilight was just showing the surface of Robert Pattinson’s acting skills. Can’t wait to see him in a role with more depth."

"Other signs that this movie is going to be good:
1 – It has Chris Cooper. He’s always great.
2 – Great songs in the trailer, especially “Asleep” by The Album Leaf (the one that plays about halfway through). That song is just about as dreamy as Robert himself!”

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  1. i've loved it and watched again and again.but after reading the script it seems little long and gives to much about movie.and i'm not sure abaut music.of course as a Rob fan i'm really exciting and i think actings will be great.i love the script,i love the trailer and i'm sure about the movie too