The Mission - To Support The Writer, Director And Actors of Remember Me

Remember Me Saturday, 3/13/10. This is a nationwide fan event in support of Rob, Chris, Pierce, Lena, Emilie, Tate and all the people who worked on Remember Me. Bring family, friends, and anyone you know to see Remember Me on Saturday, March 13. Anyone will do! Your friend, a brother, a parent, your husband, your sister, or someone (anyone?) off the street! Drag them out to the theater on Saturday to help pull this fan event off and make Remember Me a success. For more information on this fan-supported campaign, please click here! Please also follow

Monday, March 15, 2010

Remember Me is Worth the Fight: Remember Me Second Saturday

Often times a small, thoughtful and complex movie like Remember Me would debut at a film festival and be lucky to see limited release throughout the United States. With thought-provoking subject matter that asks the audience to think and feel things that are sometimes simple, sometimes profound and sometimes uncomfortable with how closely they mirror real life joys and sorrows, Remember Me debuted on 2,212 screens this weekend and brought in a thoroughly respectable $8,089,139 million. Going up against the monstrous Alice in Wonderland and the heavily marketed, big budget Matt Damon vehicle, Green Zone, among other more widely released films, Remember Me had a huge amount of competition.
  • Metacritic user rating 80/100
  • Rotten Tomato user rating 79%
  • Yahoo users rating A-
  • Boxoffice mojo user rating B
As Scott Mendelson pointed out in his article on the Huffington Post yesterday, "We must recall that a movie like this wouldn't have made $1.75million without the drawing power of Pattinson."

With a drop off over 20% less on Saturday than any of the Twilight movies, the fans helped to make a difference by showing up and bringing friends and family back to see Remember Me on Saturday, March 13th. But Remember Me still needs our support. The fight isn't over. While critics have been exceedingly split on the film, audiences have not; Rated the #1 film right now on Fandango, Remember Me has resonated in the hearts of those who have seen it -- So much so that word of mouth is building all over the Internet and offline including message boards, movie sites, AP articles and more. It made the front page of AOL today, the Huffington Post continues to cover it, new glowing reviews have come in the past 24 hours and the sound is getting louder.

"Remember Me is a touching love story, but its broader take of familial relations packs a greater emotional punch." - USA Today

Remember Me is worth the Fight!

"The fact is, "Remember Me" is a well-made movie. I cared about the characters. I felt for them." - Roger Ebert

Robert Ebert, who gave Remember Me 3 out of 4 stars in his review last week, Tweeted yesterday that he's heard audiences are showing affection to this film and he's right...Audiences are saying this is one of the best films they've seen in ages and recommending it to their friends and family and colleagues. Clearly critics -- at least in this case -- are out of touch with what the American movie audience is ready for when it comes to the movies they watch. Popcorn movies are fun and have their place but Remember Me has proven audiences like to think, too. They like to be challenged and they like to walk away from a film wanting to discuss it long after the credits have rolled.

"Coulter wants to explore the act of mourning as a theme, and how death sometimes reminds us that every minute of life should be savored. On that level, Remember Me certainly succeeds." - The Miami Herald

Of the top five films this week, Remember Me ($16M budget, 2,212 theaters)
actually came in THIRD for Average (PTA), behind AIW ($200M budget,
3,728 theaters) and GZ ($100M budget, 3,003 theaters).
As some of you might already know, we started the Remember Me Saturday campaign to help the film's box office as much as possible as well as unite fans in support of a film we all hoped would make a mark. And so here we are on the second week and the fan's support is just as important as it was last week for opening weekend -- Maybe even more important. As word-of- mouth builds, we need to keep pushing and so we're calling on you once again to head out to the theater and bring your friends and family along this Saturday, March 20th. Does this mean you should stay away during the week? Of course not! See Remember Me as many times as you'd like. But be there March 20th, too, and let's show Rob and the rest of the good people who worked hard to bring us this wonderful film that we're in fighting form and ready to show our unified support.

"For those looking for the rare romantic youth drama without vampyric overtones or other gimmicks, Remember Me should satisfy and it works as a much-needed change of pace for the talented Pattinson who remains one of the most watchable of our young stars."- Box Office Magazine

We need major Rob & Twilight sites/blogs/Facebooks/Twitters, etc. to keep putting the word out and we're asking you to continue actively promoting this Fan Supported Event as much as you possibly can.

And above all, keep talking about Remember Me where and whenever you can. Write reviews, tell everyone you meet about the film, rate it on the movie sites and express what it is this film has meant to you, personally. The people who have seen Remember Me are the best advertising out there. There's nothing better.

"Remember Me" is a smart, engaging drama about young love flourishing amid sadness and loss." - The Hollywood Reporter

Won't you please help?

Please contact me at for any questions or help in setting up a banner or an article about the Remember Me Saturday fan event. Anything you need or want, we're here to help.

Please also visit our sister site at for more information and wonderful articles and exclusives on Remember Me the movie.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pepto Bismol, Box Office & Rob, Oh My! -- Remember Me's Opening Weekend

Well, the time is here. Remember Me finally opens Nationwide in the U.S. on Friday, including scattered midnight shows in some of the larger cities. Many of us have been waiting long before we watched him on the streets of New York and worried for his safety with those wretched sorority row she-devils who tried to hump him in front of 80 million paparazzi cameras.

9-months later, one cab that may or may not have bumped the holy Pattinson knee, a gazillion Twitter-devil sightings, thousands of mentally-challenged journalists who still think we're all little 12-year-olds and a fandom that seems to split more regularly than a cell filled with the C-word, Remember Me is ready to hit theaters.

The question now is will YOU be there? Some movie-industry "insiders" and tracking devices seem to think not. Studio executives and the crotchety old prognosticators are obsessed with opening weekend box office and while I'd like to say phooey to all of them, opening weekend is important for a reason. There are a hot ton of factors that play into why, but the main one is that Hollywood only speaks box office and the opening weekend will be a significant indication of the money Remember Me will likely make. And the more money it makes the more word-of-mouth it will get, and the more of a success it will be called.

New Moon opened to a $140.7 million dollar weekend because...well, it's the dun dun dun, Twilight Saga New Moon. But Remember Me was never intended to be Twilight 3: The New York city Edward Smokes And Fucks A Lot Interlude. Remember Me was never going to have corny crowns at Burger King, shirtless puppies, silly Remember Me lipstick or Chris Cooper sexy beast cardboard cutouts.

Hey, I'd buy the cut out. Just sayin'. But you know what I mean.

Nope, Remember Me is and always was, intended to be a small film. The thing is, anything with Robert's name attached to it? Well, it doesn't stay small, even if it should.

Hell, if you attached Rob to say, Tommy couch-jumping-Scientology-loving Cruise? He probably wouldn't need a box to stand on anymore. Put him next to a penny? That mofo will presto-chango transform into a hundred dollar bill. That's just the way it is with Rob right now. And we're lucky for that as is he. But that kind of mystery magic is a double-edged sword when it comes to something like his first film role outside the Twilight juggernaut.

As a fan, I've almost grown used to this idea that you attach Rob's name to something? It's going to turn all glittery and shit just because. But movies are a tricky thing, not a sure thing. There's no exact science at play here even though fan boys might try to tell you differently. There are no guarantees; Remember Me could hit theaters with a Tyson-hard knockout or just lay there whimpering on the ground, all beaten and battered-like with all the other films that get released to the masses only to be crushed by lack of attendance.

What's that? Surely Rob's popularity will trump what the movie prognosticators are saying this week, though, right? Certainly anyone who considers themselves a Rob fan understands that this film and supporting it for him is important. They'll all be there opening weekend, I mean he's Rob! Right?!? He's the freaking golden E-ticket! Remember Me will be fine, won't it?

Let's take, for instance, Sara Palin (and I'll refrain from saying please). She can see Russia from her house, but no one -- not even the geekiest of nerdy, Rob-hating geekazoidians -- can see into the future and determine what's going to happen this weekend. Sites like Box Office Mojo and Box Office Blah Blah Blah, etc., can all make their predictions of doom and gloom or glory, but none of them really know. Anything can happen, even with Rob's name attached. That's just the truth.

Rob may be able to pimp out a trillion GQ magazines with one smouldery stare, but will all of his fans show up to a movie where restraint is not his middle name?

You see, as I said above, the only sure thing about movies (even movies starring effhot, talented guys named Rob Pattinson) is that you can't be sure.

The wild card here in this cluster pile of Pepto and worry is Rob. Well, I take that back; it's Rob and his fans. Who are his fans, really? How many of them does Rob have? Which ones like the dead, pale guy that sparkles like a disco ball on crack more than the flesh and blood, real boy? Which ones dig the human but hate Eddie? Will Cedric fans turn up or did they leave when he bit the Potter dust? And what about Gale fans and Art fans and curious-voice-dubbed-in-a-really-cheesy-ass-way Viking boy fans? And the biggest question of all, how about those Twilight fans? Will they turn up and support Robert Pattinson, or will they stay home pining for Edward who is cheating on Bella with a teeny girl named Clare and has daddy issues with a guy named Charles and not Carlyle?

I'm sure you can figure out that your guess is just about as good as mine.

*Shrugs shoulders and taps fingers patiently waiting to see.*

Remember Me is the all-important first step for Rob's career outside the franchise and the industry is watching to see what happens. Why wouldn't they be? Everything Rob does is news so why should this weekend be any different?

They're watching to see if Rob has an audience that believes in him enough to slap down $10 on a sticky counter, buy some uber-crappy popcorn and just plain, old see his movie. The only thing Hollywood cares about these days seems to be money, so if my $10 will help keep Rob up on the big screen for years of side-of-the-mouth drooling to come, who am I to argue with Hollywood?

I'm a fan of Robert Pattinson and I'll be there opening weekend. Will you?

If you’re considering seeing Remember Me but you’re not sure about going opening weekend, here are a few reasons from all across the Internet on why you should make the decision to be there for Rob. Show Hollywood and the watching industry that you believe in Robert Pattinson and pledge to see Remember Me on opening weekend, March 12-14th, 2010. Let Hollywood hear your voice loud and clear on opening weekend by being at the theater to help open Remember Me as big as we possibly can.

And you KNOW I'm not above begging.

Comments fromAcross the Internet About the Importance of Opening Weekend

“The only thing that matters to anyone in Hollywood is money right now.”

“The opening box office numbers might not mean much to you... but in the long-run, they'll mean a ton to the future life of other Robert Pattinson films”.

“Every one of you can make a difference. But it has to be opening weekend to make it loud and clear.”

“Hollywood only speaks box office and box office estimates are all about the opening weekend. That means the turnout opening weekend will determine how Remember Me is viewed. Will it be a winner or a loser? You can affect that answer.”

“The answer has everything to do with the astonishing importance that films' opening weekends have taken on in the mind of Hollywood. And Hollywood now operates under the conviction that if your films look like losers to the insiders after their opening weekends, they will become losers in the mind of the public.”

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Remember Me Saturday Needs Your Help! Will You Please Join In Promoting This Fan Supported Event?

Do you own or run a Robert or Twilight site and/or a related blog? Do you run a Twitter or a Facebook fan page or group? Do you want to see the movie Remember Me open as big as possible the weekend of March 12 and you'd like to do something to help that happen?

We need your help!
And we need it TODAY!

As some of you might already know, we started a campaign to help the film Remember Me called Remember Me Saturday. The basic plan is to push for this National Fan Event on Saturday, March 13th due to the fact that Friday and Saturday are the days weekend box office estimates are based on. Sunday still counts, of course, but for perception and reporting, Friday and Saturday are the golden days. Seeing as every fan will already be seeing Remember Me on Friday, Saturday became the day chosen to hold this fan campaign and try to make a difference with the box office receipts.

The idea is for fans to go back on Saturday March 13th and take their
family and friends (or anyone they know!) and go see Remember Me again.

We're in the last few weeks before the movie opens and now is the time to push harder than ever to make this happen. We need to make this promotion as loud as we possibly can in this last leg because there are still many fans who are unaware of this event. A bigger push is required and that's where YOU come in, hopefully.

We need major Rob & Twilight sites/blogs/Facebooks/Twitters, etc. to help get the word out. We're asking you to help and join in actively promoting this Fan Supported Event on March 13th to your followers, readers, etc. -- Anyone you can tell is another person who will find out how important it is to show up to see Remember Me on opening weekend and take as many people that they can.

Won't you please help? You can promote Remember Me Saturday in a number of ways -- from a banner on your site like the one above, to a write up about the March 13th event, tweets letting your followers know, Facebook listings, etc. However small or big your contribution to this promotion, it will be truly appreciated. You are what will make this work. Just helping to get the word out will go miles in terms of making this promotion successful for Rob and for the movie.

Rob has some awesome fans who run some awesome sites dedicated to him. The same goes for Twilighht fans and the sites they have out there... Let's all work together and help this movie show Hollywood that Rob is so much more than Edward for us... He's here to stay, and by getting Remember Me to open as big as possible, we can show Hollywood just that!

Please contact me at for any questions or help in setting up a banner or an article about the Remember Me Saturday fan event. Anything you need or want, we're here to help.

Please also visit our sister site at for more information and wonderful articles and exclusives on Remember Me the movie.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

How To Get Your Guy Off His Man Couch To See Remember Me

Dear RMSaturday Blogger:
Help! I’m going to see Remember Me Friday March 12 with my girlfriends but I want to get my guy to go with me on Saturday. The problem? He likes big explosions, loud gunfire, stupid car chases, mindless action and copious amounts of CGI that includes bright blue people. He’d rather have his skull cracked open with a ball-peen hammer than sit through any movie that could remotely be called a chick flick. Short of paying him in cold hard cash and promising an abundance of dirty favors, what can I tell him about Remember Me that will make him understand it’s not a chick flick and get him to see it with me?

Dear Help: First, before you do anything else, make sure you have this conversation in a car. Actually, any type of moving vehicle will do. This way it’s impossible for him to get up to raid the fridge or switch on his ginormous guy TV and watch WWF wrestling instead of listening to what you have to say. This is life wisdom I’m imparting here, mind you. Make sure all the important conversations you initiate within your lifetime take place in a moving vehicle.

Next, say something like, “There’s this great movie coming out that I want you to take me to next Saturday night called Remember Me.” Remain vague. Look confused if his first reaction is something along the lines of ‘No way, that sounds like a complete chick fest.’

Bust out the, “No, it’s this film starring that guy…you know, Giselher from that Ring of the Nibelungs movie.”

Remain as ambiguous as possible about the title. Move on quickly if you can. After all, the mention of any movie with the word “Rings” and a vaguely German-sounding name should give you enough room to carefully progress to step two of your eeeeeevil plan.

Next, he’ll probably ask you about the action and car chases. If he’s really intent on how many man items are included in this film, he may request murder counts and drug deals. Be careful here. This is a trap. You can be honest; there are no car chases, no super heroes and no mythical creatures unless you want to count Chris Cooper. Bring up the blood and fighting though. Blood, bruises, cops, fights; use all the y-chromosome trigger words you can come up with. Be sure to mention the director Allen Coulter is well known for directing some of the most brutal episodes of The Sopranos. Is this true? Directing The Sopranos yes. Most brutal? Who knows? Who cares? Just get it done.

Pull this off and you get to move onto step 3 which should include a little description of the main character – you know, the guy played by the guy who played Giselher from that Ring of the Nibelungs movie.

Tell him the main guy is named Tyler and he’s a student at NYU. Make sure you mention Tyler smokes like a train, swears like a mofo, drinks like a pro, picks up hot looking girls and may or may not partake of a little illegal ganja activity on occasion. Tell him he has a best friend named Aiden who drinks and swears, too. He’s a real asshole you can tell him. Guys can relate to other guys who are assholes so this is important. Don’t forget it.

This whole section should butter your guy up quite a bit but he may interrupt and ask you if “This isn’t one of those films where I’m going to be reliving the awkward virgin phase of my life is it?”

Look your guy straight in the eye and say in a very serious yet playful tone, “No, Tyler doesn’t just attempt to pick up girls; he actually picks up girls and scores.”

Now smile. If all goes well, this is the point where he will interrupt again: “So there’s actually sex is this movie?”

This is good. You obviously have his full attention now. But then your guy looks at you and says “Wait a minute, the title sounds like a sap fest to me. Remember Me? Really? That has to be a chick flick.”

This is where the rubber hits the road. You’ve been preparing for this moment since you first watched Robert Pattinson attacked by rabid she-devils as he tried to get to the set on one of the first days of shooting this movie. This is where your description really counts. Use your doe eyes, bat your big lashes and look at your guy and say, “Do chick flicks have hot, dirty monkey sex?”

So what if you’re not sure Remember Me has hot dirty monkey sex. You’re pretty sure it has regular sex so what’s a little bending of the truth? Who needs actual facts when you’re trying to get a guy to see a movie you want to see?

But I digress. Score for you! This should buy you a little time to come up with the next step of your plan.

Unfortunately, at this point you’ll probably want to cop to a little actual romance in this movie. You can’t hide it forever, so here’s what you do: Tell your guy Tyler is just a regular guy who meets this cute girl at NYU. Tell him there’s some great dialogue and even some dirty humor. Tell him they do fall in love, but be direct and tell him it’s in no way whatsoever your typical, crappy, boy meets girl and everything is covered in chocolate Hollywood love story. Make him understand he won’t be needing insulin or a vomit bag. Drive it home by telling your guy Remember Me is a totally unique, well-acted film where yes, there is some love, but point out these people have demons haunting them…they have family things going on. They’re dealing with father issues, brother issues, mother issues, and sister issues. Life issues in general.

Make shit up if you have to. Then repeat if you must.

This is the time you want to go back to being vague. Back off the love, add a bit more about dark humor and then talk to your guy about fights. Make sure you tell your guy there are cops involved. Cops should give you a little more wiggle room.

He might say something like, “So there’s a fight? How much action is there?”

Go slowly. Tell him there’s a street fight, a silver projectile, broken glass, the whole nine yards. Tell him Tyler’s the kind of guy that doesn’t like bullies. He stands up for people. He doesn’t take crap from anyone. You can also slip in the fact that he’s a great big brother right about here. You may be able to slip this by unnoticed; then again, he might interrupt you and say: “Wait, dude has a sister? He’s not some goody two-shoes hall monitor type is he because if he is, I’m telling you right…”

Cut him off.

“No. Tyler does the right thing but he acts before he thinks. He even does jail time!” Jail time should give you some big bonus points at this juncture of the conversation. If you need to, lie and mention a hooker. Hookers always work!

“Hmmmmm. Well, that sounds kind of ok,” he says.”Who’s in it? Anyone I know?”

This is the part of our plan where you move in for the kill. Mention Pierce Brosnan, but be sure to add James Bond to that description. Most men love James Bond. Either that or they want to be James Bond. James Bond doesn’t do chick flicks. Remind your guy of this fact. Trust me, it will resonate.

Then mention Chris Cooper. If your guy looks at you with that look…you know, the look that means I’m not sure who that is but the name sounds familiar, just say two words: “Oscar winner.”

That should do it.

Next, you need to mention the women populating this movie. Throw in a word or two for Emile de Ravin of Lost. If he looks at you with that look again, just say “Mah Baybeeeeeeeee, Mah Baybeeeeeeeeeee!” He’s a guy, he’ll get it.

Same thing for Lena Olin. The look should get two more words and those are “Irina Derevko.” Trust me. No man can resist Sydney Bristow’s birth mom. If they can, you have bigger problems than getting your guy to see Remember Me. I would question whether your guy is really a guy. Harsh? I think not.

So, you’ve got his attention at this point but here’s where you can lose it all. Tread carefully here. Act sure of yourself and enunciate clearly. You can only stall so long and the time has come; this is where you have to tell your guy one more name and admit the movie stars Robert Pattinson.

"The vampire guy?" he asks shaking his head violently and looking like he’s about to seize.

Before he can add "No effing way,” remind him in quick succession that you’ve already told him about Rob in this movie. “I told you already, you know, the guy? The guy who played Giselher in the Ring of the Nibelungs. That’s Robert Pattinson!”

He should look momentarily confused. This is good. Act innocent. Use those doe eyes. Bat those lashes. Then remind him that Rob is just a guy…just a guy like him. Just a guy that took a job, but that’s another story altogether. Anyway, tell him Rob drinks beer. Rob curses. Rob smokes like a chimney. Rob even likes plaid and eats Hot Pockets. Your guy and him? Tell him they could be twins. The only difference between the two of them that you can see? In real life, Rob has a British accent.

"No biggie," you'll tell him as if you mean it.

Your guy doesn’t have to know the things you know. Why tell him Rob reads and enjoys obscure literary titles and can recite Virgil while playing a guitar. No need to point out that he’s far superior in intelligence and taste and could probably drink him under the table without even trying. No need to rub these details in. Just keep saying to your guy, “He’s just like you. He’s just like you.”

Learn it. Live it. Believe it and so will he. But for you and me? It will just be our little secret.

If these steps can’t get your guy to happily and willingly take you to Remember Me the weekend it opens, my only other advice is to possibly promise upside down sex and tell him you’ll see Transformers 4, 5 and 6 with a smile on your face. Throw in some alcohol and a game of X-Box and maybe he’ll see Remember Me with you twice.

You do what you’ve got to do when it comes to Rob.

Best of Luck. Please write back and let me know how much your guy liked Remember Me and if he doesn’t? Please lie.

*Many thanks to AZmoviefan for her grand contribution to this Dear RMSaturday Blog.

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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Remember Me Loves New York

As in Woody Allen movies, Remember Me is a love letter to New York City. By highlighting the city as another character in the movie, even a jaded and cynical New Yorker would melt at the nostalgic reminders of a city that once was and today, still is, grand and magical. For anyone curious about the NYC landmarks, businesses, etc. found in the movie, the following are some places of interest as a partial guide list.

Strand Book Store - 828 Broadway(at 12th St.)

NYU Silver Center College of Arts and Sciences at 100 Washington Square East (NYU scenes are centered around this building including Washington Square Park across the street)

The Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel:

Eddie's Sweet Shop in Queens, NY

Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park l_sign.php?id=6416

Pearl Street Diner

The East Village, neighborhood in which Tyler lives

The Upper East Side, neighborhood where Caroline's school is located

The Regis High School substituted for the school written in the script. Their address is 55 East 84th Street and they filmed on the 85th Street side.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade, a landmark near Tyler's mother and stepfather's residential neighborhood

Gandhi Restaurant (interior used for the "I have my desert first" scene)

During Rob's downtime from filming RM, he imbibed at some NYC bars; a couple mentioned here:

Tom & Jerry's (I recommend this one for sure. Great music and chill crowd)

Black & White

*All of this information great NYC information has been compiled and provided by Nauti on the Remember Me IMDB board. We thank her for her wonderful contribution to this blog.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hollywood & The Remember Me Trailer -- Sound Off!

The Remember Me trailer was released in November last year and went on to rack up a huge amount of viewings all over the Internet during the past few months.

Take that, big budget films!

From occasional stops on the front page of IMDB to the front of Apple's ITunes trailer site, for a small film, Remember Me's trailer seems to have made a big impression. In fact, people are still talking about it all over the web -- from regular movie fans that were happy to see Chris Cooper in a film hitting theaters soon, to fans of Emile de Ravin from Lost, to Robert Pattinson fans that can't wait to see him in something where sparkling is not a requirement.

On Trailer Park and the official Remember Me YouTube accounts alone, the trailer has been watched over 2.4 million times! That doesn't even include every other YouTube version or any other version out there. Let's just say the Remember Me trailer has been quite popular.

Movie trailers on the whole, of course, are big business. Of some 10-billion videos watched online annually, they rank #3 only after news and user-created videos. Many movie buffs and even Hollywood executives think trailers are just as important as the actual movie itself. Trailers (good ones anyway) lure an audience in. With slick editing and just enough star power and storyline, each trailer is an expensive mini-film made to get you into the theater with popcorn and coke in hand when the film opens.

But how can a trailer find and grab an audience by the collar in 2:30? How is a trailer supposed to make you feel? What is the music in a trailer intended to invoke? And how many times have we seen trailers that give the entire plot of a film away without even looking back?

The first trailer shown in a U.S. movie theater was in November 1913, 96 years before we first saw the Remember Me trailer last November. How things have changed over those years... Trailers used to be shown at the end of a film, hence the name "trailer." Of course that practice didn't last long; executives figured out pretty quickly that not everyone (even die hard movie fans) stick around for, or even past, the end credits. Sorry grip guys!

Trailers today are a different breed; bigger, louder, more expensive, an event instead of an afterthought. A trailer is often the very thing that makes your decision to see a movie or not. As written in "A Brief History of the Trailer" on, "Trailers serve as the liaison between an upcoming film and its audience. Whether crude, hand-lettered slides or sophisticated, half-million dollar montages, trailers continue to tantalize audiences with the idea that in Hollywood, there's always something more to look forward to after the movie they paid to see."
But for all the cost and marketing and pimping of trailers, it doesn't mean those little mini-films will get you to spend $10 on an actual ticket to the movie. Big production values and big names in high concept trailers don't necessarily trump content that engages you and makes you feel something; content that makes you want to get into your car or on the train, trudge the distance to a theater and sink comfortably into a seat as the lights go down to watch the story and emotion that the trailer could only hint at.

So as we draw closer to the March 12 opening of Remember Me, we'd like for you to share with us your thoughts on the trailer. What did you think when you first watched it? What was your first reaction? What did the trailer get right or wrong for you? Why do you believe men have said such positive things about the trailer? Why do you think so many people are still discussing the Remember Me trailer 3 months since its release?

Let us know what you think and please, no spoilers!

Here are few comments from all over the Internet to get you started thinking:

"My first through fourth reactions upon seeing the RM trailer were: *press REPLAY*"
“SUPERB!!!!!! Nice trailer. Brosnan and Cooper are two of my favorites. I have never seen Twilight so I guess I should be safe on some accord. Neatly cut trailer, seems to have a good vibe."
"He is actually a good actor, I'm impressed. I've never seen Twilight but heard much about it. This proves me otherwise. I'll look into it. And at this point, I have more respect for him. If you don't see it, you're no blinder than the fan girls that scream Twilight is the best movie ever made."

"WOW.....amazing. I've read the script to Remember Me and it's amazing -- it's funny, sad, happy, confusing, dysfunctional, hilarious, heartbreaking and everything in between!"

"I love the trailer. I know the movie will be wonderful. Can't wait to see."

"a) It's too bad this didn't come out pre-Twilight because now all of the "Rpatz" fans are going to be lining up for it and ruin it for the rest of us.
b) I am a sucker for movies like this and will definitely see it.
c) Have loved Emilie De Ravin since I saw her in Brick.
Decent trailer and with this cast, it could be amazing!"

"I love Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan; they are both AMAZING actors so I am sure this will be a great movie. Plus, it will be nice to see Robert Pattinson in a more dynamic and in-depth role vs. the teenage heartthrob he is playing now."

"Yay Chris Cooper! I don't care if Sparkles doesn't sparkle. Mr. Cooper ALWAYS sparkles."
"I love this! Not just because of Pattinson. It looks really heartwarming. It's a feel good movie with a message. Sometimes these are the best movies."

"I've read the script and it’s awesome. And I've seen his previous films...he has talent. Sure, he has a lot more to learn, but I think he has potential."

"Can’t wait for this movie to come out. I think Twilight was just showing the surface of Robert Pattinson’s acting skills. Can’t wait to see him in a role with more depth."

"Other signs that this movie is going to be good:
1 – It has Chris Cooper. He’s always great.
2 – Great songs in the trailer, especially “Asleep” by The Album Leaf (the one that plays about halfway through). That song is just about as dreamy as Robert himself!”

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's Look Back -- Remember Me Test Screening Mini-Reviews

Remember Me, opening March 12, 2010 is getting closer. As the days tick slowly by, we thought it might be nice to go back and re-visit some of the comments we've collected from the Remember Me test screenings held in the latter part of 2009. Whether you've seen these comments before or you're just now seeing them for the very first time, one thing is pretty clear: The test screenings garnered some overwhelmingly positive results for the film and the actors involved.

These comments were posted at several places all over the net including Twitter, Box Office Mojo, IMDB, etc. Test screeners ran the gamut from Joe public off the street to Rob Pattinson fans and everyone in between. If you've seen these before, enjoy them again. If you haven't, be prepared to be impressed! And by all means, whatever your individual case might be, send these comments on to friends, colleagues and your family-members -- anyone who might be interested in seeing Remember Me when it opens March 12.

"I saw this movie two months ago. It was friggin' intense as fuck, and sad. Pierce Brosnan and Robert Pattinson = A++++."

Saw the first screening of "Remember Me" last night (Rob Pattinson Emilie de Ravin). It was excellent. Well acted, original, a bit long."

"It's very emotionally intense. If it were cut down in anyway, it would take away from the juice of it."

"This movie is NOT a romantic drama. It is not a chick flick."

"I felt it was well shot, the acting was superb, the relationships/chemistry/dynamics were all amazing."

"They were both really good. Everyone was. But Rob and Pierce Brosnan stuck out the most. Their chemistry was good and Rob gets really violent in it. Lots of people left the theater sobbing."

"I had really low expectations for it, but it was incredible. I thought it was just going to be a Rob showcase but it was definitely not. I loved, loved, loved it and really hope it doesn't get written off as just a Twilight fan girl movie. I can't express how amazing it was."

"Loved Remember Me. I teared up. You peeps should watch it."

"Just went to the new Robert Pattinson movie screening. Debo thinks vampires are dreamy. Even when they're really humans."

"Rob showcases his ability to be thoroughly methodical and cover the entire gamut of human emotions and condition in Remember Me. To see Rob be sweet, funny, pained, maligned, and protective to the point of being paternal, are just some of the treasures of this film."

"His acting was honestly great. It’s a far cry from Twilight and you can tell her really tried hard to bring this character to life."

"500 Days of Summer was my favorite movie this year, but Remember Me is right up there next to it. Can't wait to see finished movie in 2010."

"I went to a screening of Remember Me. Actually made me cry, I will recommend it."

"To be really freaking honest, I thought it was going to be unintentionally lolzy, but it was REALLY good. I don't think anyone would be disappointed."

"Big Brother Rob is pretty much to die for. The girl who plays his sister Caroline is a star waiting to happen."

"Tyler is a very complicated and challenging character and I think Rob did great portraying this character. We were able to witness another side of his acting. I am excited for him and can't wait to seehim evolve in his future projects."

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pierce Brosnan on Robert Pattinson & Remember Me

From Barb on the IMDB board --

In his letter dated January 15th, on the home page of his official web site, Pierce writes about Remember Me:

I also shot "Remember Me" with Chris Cooper, Lena Olin, Emilie de Ravin and the dashing Robert Pattinson, during the summer of 2009. We all found ourselves in the heart of Manhattan and Brooklyn surrounded by a couple hundred screaming teenage girls every day. For any young actor to be thrown into the ferocious limelight as Robert has been – must take its toll. He worked very hard and I wish him every success. Robert acquainted himself grandly. "Remember Me" will be in theaters March 12th.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hollywood Is Watching: Can Robert Pattinson Open A Film?

In terms of Robert Pattinson, Hollywood has one thing on its mind right now and that's money. Can he open a film on his own? Can the name Robert Pattinson deliver derrieres in seats when it counts, March 12-14, 2010?

Remember Me is Pattinson's first film outside the Twilight franchise. While it has a small budget and is technically considered an indie film without the backing of a huge studio, the media, the general movie-going public and Hollywood itself, have all been busy spinning this film as a rather big litmus test for Pattinson's future as an actor and Hollywood's idea of a movie star.

In a little over 14 months, Pattinson has gone from "that guy in Harry Potter" to one of the brightest, fastest, rising young stars we've had in recent memory. His ethereal face graces the covers of countless magazines and he is the topic of so much baseless gossip across the Internet that even Pattinson has most likely lost track of his own self-described "boring" story. The spotlight has been resting squarely on his shoulders since before Twilight opened in November 2008 and today, it shows little evidence of letting up. But Hollywood wants what it wants and right now, what it wants is proof that Robert Pattinson is more than Edward Cullen and that he can put money in pockets. More money, that is.

While Pattinson became the face of the Twilight saga and arguably the breakout star of a franchise that has raked in well over a billion dollars, this is a vital time for his career. And a career does seem to be what he is quietly intent on seeking.

As a writer named Albrian on an Internet movie blog expressed it, "There is a quiet steely determination to succeed. The self deprecating quotes are a smokescreen for an ambitious young man."

The media constantly churns out stories asking if Robert Pattinson is the the new Depp, new James Dean, the new this, the new that. They desperately want him to be the new something, throwing out impossibly high standards and competitions that can never be won. Depp, Pitt, Clooney, and DiCaprio...all the major movie star names you can think of. Pattinson has been held up to the light and compared against them all, but to anyone with a little common sense, it's kind of like pitting a GED against Ph.D. in terms of sheer experience and acting credits. Of course when has the media (or random people on the Internet) ever had common sense?

Pattinson is a great story; charming, sweet, British and handsome with a huge and very loyal fanbase that believes he's talented. Just how talented? With the likes of Chris Cooper, Kristin Scott Thomas, Allen Coulter and Declan Donnellan among others signing on to work with him, it seems pretty certain that his fans have bet on a good horse.

Pattinson appeared on the Hollywood scene almost overnight. With his now recognizable name on everyone's tongue and flowing out of everyone else's pen, his sudden fame makes him a very easy target. And the media is determined to keep talking about "the new guy." One day he's the golden boy and the next he's being taken to task for the kind of fame he never even dreamed for himself. Depending on date and time, Pattinson is talented, he's not, he smells, he doesn't, he's stuck up, he's down to earth, he's hilarious, he's whines too much, he's sweet, he's mean, he's in, he's out, he's up, he's down.

The truth? He's just human, and by all accounts, a pretty decent, gracious and very grateful guy who's got to be overwhelmed by the wishy washy celebrity vortex he's found himself in during the past year.

Then there's Hollywood, and Hollywood is nothing if not impatient. Apparently time and experience is something Hollywood doesn't believe in anymore. "You've only been famous for a short while and you've only acted in a handful of teeny, tiny films few people have ever even seen? Too bad! You're "it" and you're now expected to open a film and open it big or we'll tear you down some more, Robert Pattinson! You must earn your fame young man!"

Sound like the dreams Hollywood is made of?

As the happy man in Pretty Woman says, "Welcome to Hollywood! What's your dream? Everybody comes here; this is Hollywood, land of dreams. Some dreams come true, some don't; but keep on dreamin' - this is Hollywood. Always time to dream, so keep on dreamin."

Of course the media and the public (not to mention random people on the Internet) don't exactly know what Robert Pattinson's dream actually is. All evidence seems to point to Pattinson wanting good career as a working actor where he has the ability to make interesting, even risky choices -- A career that he can be proud of and a career in which the media doesn't compare him to anyone but Robert Pattinson. After all, he never asked for the comparisons in the first place. The guy just took a job.

Only time will tell if Robert Pattinson's dream parallel's Hollywood's dream for him and vice versa.

Stars rise and fall. We live in a celebrity culture that feeds on building people up to tear them down. It's the law of nature in Hollywood and all over the world, really. And like it or not, Remember Me is a test. Hollywood will be watching -- watching to see what happens at the box office opening weekend, watching to see if Robert Pattinson can pull in a wider audience sprinkled with all ages and sexes, watching to see if an audience will accept him in a role that doesn't require white makeup and an annoying love interest named Bella.

That's about the only thing Pattinson can be sure of right now; Hollywood will be watching. Needless to say, with the guy who flatly refused media training and seems to be very much his own man floating around in a big, fat, sea of sameness, Hollywood should be getting a damn good show.

And heck, should the big test falter this time out for Rob, remember...Hollywood loves comeback stories. Comeback stories are what it's built on.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Allen Coulter (Director of Remember Me) Interview

This is a great interview with Allen Coulter who directed Remember me. The interview was for his first feature, Hollywoodland, but it shows the detail and intensity Coulter puts into the directing work he does and should make you even more excited about his second feature opening up March 12, 2010, Remember Me.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Three Sides of Robert Pattinson (and one side of Chris Cooper & Emilie de Ravin) in Remember Me Exclusive Photos - Trailer Park Movies's MySpace Blog

Remember Me - Fan Campaign

Remember Me-- Fan Campaign, Saturday, March 13, 2010
*This campaign came about due to the great ideas thrown around on the RM IMDB board. Thanks to Deanna, Mils, Patti (Kitkattz), AZ, Calendos, Jux, Tracy, Pink and many more who came up with this.

As some of you know from reading on the RM IMDb board, we have been planning a campaign to try and help Remember Me open at #1. This is a completely fan-driven event and the only way the word will get out and things will happen is if the fans get proactive. Remember Me is a small film and we can do a lot for it by letting people know they should see it. Whether you love Rob, Emilie, Pierce, Lena, Tate, Chris or anyone else associated with this film, Remember Me Saturday can help.

The first part of the campaign was in support of Rob and getting his fans to bring family and friends and see Remember Me on March 13, 2010 as a National Fan Support Event. As we're a little over a month away now, we're adding other names to the campaign so that fans of the other actors and/or writer and director will be able to participate in this nationwide event.

So, how can YOU help?

Do you have a Twitter? Are you on Facebook? Start talking! Tell your friends and family. Ask people to see the movie with you on 3/13. Even if you see it when it opens Friday, certainly another viewing won't hurt! Take everyone you know and introduce them to this beautiful story and let's help Remember Me be a big success at the box office.

Follow us on Twitter at:
and start tweeting!!

Join us on Facebook here

Tell your friends, contacts, anyone you know who would be a candidate to see Remember Me opening weekend. Let us know if you have any ideas for promotion. Be a proactive fan and be heard!!

Support Remember Me
Saturday, 3/13/10A National Fan Support Event -- Bring your friends and family to support your favorite actor by seeing Remember Me on Saturday, March 13, 2010. Let's get Remember Me to open at #1!!