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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Remember Me Loves New York

As in Woody Allen movies, Remember Me is a love letter to New York City. By highlighting the city as another character in the movie, even a jaded and cynical New Yorker would melt at the nostalgic reminders of a city that once was and today, still is, grand and magical. For anyone curious about the NYC landmarks, businesses, etc. found in the movie, the following are some places of interest as a partial guide list.

Strand Book Store - 828 Broadway(at 12th St.)

NYU Silver Center College of Arts and Sciences at 100 Washington Square East (NYU scenes are centered around this building including Washington Square Park across the street)

The Oak Room at the Plaza Hotel:

Eddie's Sweet Shop in Queens, NY

Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park l_sign.php?id=6416

Pearl Street Diner

The East Village, neighborhood in which Tyler lives

The Upper East Side, neighborhood where Caroline's school is located

The Regis High School substituted for the school written in the script. Their address is 55 East 84th Street and they filmed on the 85th Street side.

Brooklyn Heights Promenade, a landmark near Tyler's mother and stepfather's residential neighborhood

Gandhi Restaurant (interior used for the "I have my desert first" scene)

During Rob's downtime from filming RM, he imbibed at some NYC bars; a couple mentioned here:

Tom & Jerry's (I recommend this one for sure. Great music and chill crowd)

Black & White

*All of this information great NYC information has been compiled and provided by Nauti on the Remember Me IMDB board. We thank her for her wonderful contribution to this blog.

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