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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's Look Back -- Remember Me Test Screening Mini-Reviews

Remember Me, opening March 12, 2010 is getting closer. As the days tick slowly by, we thought it might be nice to go back and re-visit some of the comments we've collected from the Remember Me test screenings held in the latter part of 2009. Whether you've seen these comments before or you're just now seeing them for the very first time, one thing is pretty clear: The test screenings garnered some overwhelmingly positive results for the film and the actors involved.

These comments were posted at several places all over the net including Twitter, Box Office Mojo, IMDB, etc. Test screeners ran the gamut from Joe public off the street to Rob Pattinson fans and everyone in between. If you've seen these before, enjoy them again. If you haven't, be prepared to be impressed! And by all means, whatever your individual case might be, send these comments on to friends, colleagues and your family-members -- anyone who might be interested in seeing Remember Me when it opens March 12.

"I saw this movie two months ago. It was friggin' intense as fuck, and sad. Pierce Brosnan and Robert Pattinson = A++++."

Saw the first screening of "Remember Me" last night (Rob Pattinson Emilie de Ravin). It was excellent. Well acted, original, a bit long."

"It's very emotionally intense. If it were cut down in anyway, it would take away from the juice of it."

"This movie is NOT a romantic drama. It is not a chick flick."

"I felt it was well shot, the acting was superb, the relationships/chemistry/dynamics were all amazing."

"They were both really good. Everyone was. But Rob and Pierce Brosnan stuck out the most. Their chemistry was good and Rob gets really violent in it. Lots of people left the theater sobbing."

"I had really low expectations for it, but it was incredible. I thought it was just going to be a Rob showcase but it was definitely not. I loved, loved, loved it and really hope it doesn't get written off as just a Twilight fan girl movie. I can't express how amazing it was."

"Loved Remember Me. I teared up. You peeps should watch it."

"Just went to the new Robert Pattinson movie screening. Debo thinks vampires are dreamy. Even when they're really humans."

"Rob showcases his ability to be thoroughly methodical and cover the entire gamut of human emotions and condition in Remember Me. To see Rob be sweet, funny, pained, maligned, and protective to the point of being paternal, are just some of the treasures of this film."

"His acting was honestly great. It’s a far cry from Twilight and you can tell her really tried hard to bring this character to life."

"500 Days of Summer was my favorite movie this year, but Remember Me is right up there next to it. Can't wait to see finished movie in 2010."

"I went to a screening of Remember Me. Actually made me cry, I will recommend it."

"To be really freaking honest, I thought it was going to be unintentionally lolzy, but it was REALLY good. I don't think anyone would be disappointed."

"Big Brother Rob is pretty much to die for. The girl who plays his sister Caroline is a star waiting to happen."

"Tyler is a very complicated and challenging character and I think Rob did great portraying this character. We were able to witness another side of his acting. I am excited for him and can't wait to seehim evolve in his future projects."


  1. I'm really anxious to watch Remember Me!
    I know that the movie is very intense and I'll cry, but I really want to know Tyler, Caroline and Ally!

  2. Thank you for this blog. I think it is really helping to get the word out! It is essential that people do not view this as a "TwiVehicle"

    We have a group meeting in NYC for a RM weekend! Count us in for RM Saturday!

    I was very lucky to have been able to see some scenes filmed over the summer. The intensity and commitment level was evident with everyone involved.

    I am so anxious to see this film.

  3. i love reading all the reviews of screening test the movie remember me...
    thanks remember me saturday ;)