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Remember Me Saturday, 3/13/10. This is a nationwide fan event in support of Rob, Chris, Pierce, Lena, Emilie, Tate and all the people who worked on Remember Me. Bring family, friends, and anyone you know to see Remember Me on Saturday, March 13. Anyone will do! Your friend, a brother, a parent, your husband, your sister, or someone (anyone?) off the street! Drag them out to the theater on Saturday to help pull this fan event off and make Remember Me a success. For more information on this fan-supported campaign, please click here! Please also follow

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Remember Me Saturday Needs Your Help! Will You Please Join In Promoting This Fan Supported Event?

Do you own or run a Robert or Twilight site and/or a related blog? Do you run a Twitter or a Facebook fan page or group? Do you want to see the movie Remember Me open as big as possible the weekend of March 12 and you'd like to do something to help that happen?

We need your help!
And we need it TODAY!

As some of you might already know, we started a campaign to help the film Remember Me called Remember Me Saturday. The basic plan is to push for this National Fan Event on Saturday, March 13th due to the fact that Friday and Saturday are the days weekend box office estimates are based on. Sunday still counts, of course, but for perception and reporting, Friday and Saturday are the golden days. Seeing as every fan will already be seeing Remember Me on Friday, Saturday became the day chosen to hold this fan campaign and try to make a difference with the box office receipts.

The idea is for fans to go back on Saturday March 13th and take their
family and friends (or anyone they know!) and go see Remember Me again.

We're in the last few weeks before the movie opens and now is the time to push harder than ever to make this happen. We need to make this promotion as loud as we possibly can in this last leg because there are still many fans who are unaware of this event. A bigger push is required and that's where YOU come in, hopefully.

We need major Rob & Twilight sites/blogs/Facebooks/Twitters, etc. to help get the word out. We're asking you to help and join in actively promoting this Fan Supported Event on March 13th to your followers, readers, etc. -- Anyone you can tell is another person who will find out how important it is to show up to see Remember Me on opening weekend and take as many people that they can.

Won't you please help? You can promote Remember Me Saturday in a number of ways -- from a banner on your site like the one above, to a write up about the March 13th event, tweets letting your followers know, Facebook listings, etc. However small or big your contribution to this promotion, it will be truly appreciated. You are what will make this work. Just helping to get the word out will go miles in terms of making this promotion successful for Rob and for the movie.

Rob has some awesome fans who run some awesome sites dedicated to him. The same goes for Twilighht fans and the sites they have out there... Let's all work together and help this movie show Hollywood that Rob is so much more than Edward for us... He's here to stay, and by getting Remember Me to open as big as possible, we can show Hollywood just that!

Please contact me at for any questions or help in setting up a banner or an article about the Remember Me Saturday fan event. Anything you need or want, we're here to help.

Please also visit our sister site at for more information and wonderful articles and exclusives on Remember Me the movie.


  1. I put a link to this post on my blog.

    I'll go on saturday march13 watch Remember Me!!!

  2. We also need to support it the following weekend as all the critics are claiming that this movie is front-loaded with just Twilight fans. Let's show them we are Rob Fans.

  3. Hay que apoyarlo .... Es un actor de pies a cabeza y papel Cualquier Puede interpretar, Pero de todas formas él me gusta en papeles románticos ... Deseando que llegue el día 26 de marzo en España .... Saludos

  4. I made this from all the clips at Summits Screening Room YouTube just copy and past it in your browser. If you want to use it on this site please feel free just make sure and give Summit credit please. I can't wait for this movie to come out.

  5. Hola! soy Daniela tengo una web dedicada Exclusivamente de Robert Pattinson Soy una chica de habla hispana pero I LOVE ROBERT y me encantaria apoyarlo, I LOVE Recordarme y me encantaría un banner para el foro.


    ILYYY <333
    im addicted and devoted to youu (L)

  7. Hi I posted the link on my blog:

  8. I posted this on my blog! I also changed my profile on Myspace and Facebook! and! I SUPPORT ROB AND THE ENTIRE CAST!!

  9. Congratulations on the SHOUT OUT from Robert! You deserve this! I love this movement! xxx

  10. Wow, awesome! I just heard about the shout-out, too! I * may * be feeling awfully fan-girlish. Coincidentally, I have spent the better part of the day arguing with my husband about why Rob is a diverse actor and not just "Edward." And then of course why he is sofa king hot. For some reason, the husband doesn't want to get excited about how manly and gorgeous Rob is... I can't understand it. lol Anyway, best of luck to cast and crew, we are all excited!


  12. The movie is a fit challenge for Robert Pattinson acting style. I am excited and will Watch Remember Me Movie for sure. :)

  13. Thanks to Allen Coulter for creating this great film, the characters are multi-dimensional and the acting is fantastic. This movie was not just feel-good fluff. It was not a platform to showcase Brosnan and Pattinson as eye candy. It was thought-provoking and intense. The characters were brooding, wounded, lovable and believable. The movie's twist was unique and effective.

    The movie gets a bit slow at times, especially for fans of Twilight movies, but if you are patient, and pay attention to the characters they will draw you in and time will fly. And, in the end, you will think it was worth every minute spent watching Remember Me 2010.